PowerPlate exercise is the cutting edge way to achieve excellent fitness results, quickly.  The secret of this technology lies in “whole body vibration.”  Originally developed by space programs to prepare astronauts’ muscles for the ill effects of zero gravity while in space, whole body vibration builds muscle very rapidly. 

Traditional exercise is generally quite inefficient given that one normally uses only about twenty-five percent of a muscle that’s being exercised.  Therefore, longer and more frequent workouts are required to maintain, let alone build strength.  When exercising on the PowerPlate however, upwards of ninety percent of the muscle being targeted for exercise is used.

The value for you is a faster, more efficient workout to produce the same fitness benefit that takes considerably longer when not using the PowerPlate.

A PowerPlate workout incorporates strength training, cardio-vascular exercise and fun – with very low to no weight lifting required. Whole body vibration does the work!  Learn more HERE

Other benefits of PowerPlate exercise include:

  • improved circulation
  • improved balance and core strength
  • increased flexibility and joint motion
  • decreased cellulite – yes!
  • decreased post workout soreness
  • easily tolerated exercises
  • weight loss
  • massage function

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