Physical Therapy

From headaches to foot pain, and everything in between, Renaissance treats all orthopedic conditions.  If you’ve had an injury, experienced a sprain or strain as a weekend warrior, had surgery, or just have aches and pains, we can help.  We are experienced, skilled, and have the tools and technology to get you out of pain and make a better you.  Your experience with us is our highest priority.  For a list of conditions that we routinely treat CLICK HERE.

Spine Care

We are experts and specialists in the care of back and neck pain.  With advanced training in the “McKenzie Approach,” and with our being one of extremely few clinics in the state with Med-X technology, we offer a truly unique approach to back and neck pain. Whether you’re experiencing a recent onset of pain, or suffer with persistent pain, including radiating symptoms in the arms or legs, we can help. To learn more about our approach to solving back and neck pain, including the Med-X technology, CLICK HERE.

Accelerated Fitness Training

Whether you’re looking for a way to ratchet up the intensity of your work outs, are a newcomer to exercise, or are looking for a way to fit exercise into your busy schedule, we’ll show you a new path.  Unique to Renaissance is PowerPlate technology which makes your workout not only fun but fast and efficient.  PowerPlate exercise provides accelerated fitness results, above and beyond what traditional workouts do, in substantially less time than traditional workouts take.  For more on how accelerated training works to help you achieve your strengthening, weight loss and overall fitness goals, CLICK HERE.


Mental stress, physical stress, job, bills, you name it.  Stress management is an important part of being healthy.  We can help!  Renaissance is pleased to offer our hydro-massage bed that uses warm, jet-driven water to give you a soothing, relaxing massage - all without getting wet!  Our clients consistently sum up their sessions on the hydro-massage bed with one word – “Awesome.”  Makes a great gift idea.  To learn more CLICK HERE.